Using a Job Suitability Assessment

Using a Job Suitability Assessment

There are many types of assessments and each has its own purpose.

A critical consideration in selecting an assessment is to use an assessment that fits your purpose. If you are attempting to hire, develop, promote, and retain talent, the assessments must produce reports that are related to the requirements of the job.

If you use a job suitability assessment, there are several important factors which make the assessment useful. These include:

  • The ability of the assessment to measure different aspect of suitability -
    If only personality is measured, there will be significant gaps in the suitability information.
  • The ability of the assessment to measure at least 100 traits -
    Since behavioral assessments are general only about 25% of the traits will relate to success for a specific job. Therefore more traits need to be measured to obtain a sufficient number of traits that promote or obstruct success for the specific job.
  • A questionnaire that is work focused -
    Otherwise the results will not be as relevant to the workplace and there may be legal risks related to justifying how your assessment is related to the job requirements.
  • The ability to detect false answers and to pierce self-deception -
    Otherwise, the results are not reliable.
  • Performance research that is used to create job success formulas for specific jobs -
    Otherwise, you are just guessing at the behavioral factors that relate to success.
  • Reports that are job specific, numerically quantified and easy to understand -
    Otherwise, the results are randomly interpreted.
  • The ability to weight and integrate the eligibility score and suitability scores -
    Otherwise, there is no effective means to achieve an overall assessment.

The Harrison Assessment has been carefully developed using several psychological methodologies that prevent deception, reveal whether behavioral tendencies are actually strengths or derailers (aka Paradox Technology), and measure both eligibility (education, experience, and skills) and suitability (job related behavior).


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