I Want My Brain Surgeon to be Nice

I Want My Brain Surgeon to be Nice

Most personality assessments take a broad view of what traits make someone good at work. They have a tendency to lump all jobs together as having the same requirements for success.

The buzz words for a good employee are things like... "has empathy" or "works well with others". One popular article lists The Top Twelve Traits of a Good Employee with BEING POLITE, GIVING CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE, GOOD COMMUNICATOR and AVOIDING GOSSIP as part of the top twelve.

While I may desire these traits in my brain surgeon, I am not exactly sure if they are the "top" traits that are ESSENTIAL. I would prefer that my surgeon is skilled and also enjoys (is suitable for) doing "precise" tasks. I want Patch Adams...(RIP Robin Williams). I want all the skills and learning a surgeon has AND I want them to be nice and have empathy.

There needs to be a mix of eligibility traits and suitability traits involved in what makes up a good employee.

Eligibility factors include previous experience, education, certifications, skills, abilities and reference checks, and aptitude.

Suitability factors include attitude, motivation, interpersonal skills, task preferences, interests, and work environment preferences.

What the correct mix is DEPENDS upon what each individual job is and the tasks that the job requires for successful fulfillment. The mix will be different for different jobs.

Harrison Assessments are job specific in their analysis. The assessment formulas are based on 20 years of performance research and can be completely customized according to the job requirements. It can be used for recruitment as well as developing performance, engagement, retention and work satisfaction. It can be customized to measure any system of behavioral competencies providing an invaluable tool for developing or screening for behavioral competencies.

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