Best Results for Workplace Assessments

Best Results for Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments are prevalent these days. Most are attempting to help firms identify employees and applicants who are more likely to achieve the best business results.

What does "best results" mean for workplace assessments? Performance connected to profits?

If so, the good results will depend upon what the actual job entails doing. Therefore, a good workplace psychological assessment needs to be geared towards the actual job description.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists over 6500 occupational titles. Most psychological assessments used for hiring are basing their analysis on one or a few standard occupations or job titles. This may keep the results simple and unpredictable.

Companies often hire the wrong candidates or fail to hire the best candidates because they don’t have a systematic approach that measures ALL the qualifications and behavioral competencies needed to predict job success. Although most employers desire predictability, few companies have the time or expertise to create effective Job Success Formulas. However, the Harrison Assessment adapts itself to a wide variety of jobs making its predictability strong.

Harrison Assessments provides more than 6500 proven and pre-configured Job Success Formulas to help an organization easily and accurately assess the eligibility and suitability factors that lead to job success. The Harrison Assessment takes typically less than 30 minutes using an online questionnaire. It utilizes Enjoyment-Performance theory as well as Paradox Theory to gain a deep psychological understanding of what types of tasks someone will be successful and suitable in performing.

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