Win the Race for the Best Employees

Win the Race for the Best Employees

Are you winning the race for the best employees? Today's labor market is highly competitive. The skills needed to perform the work are increasing and the qualified applicants to fill the positions are decreasing.

Talented workers are mobile and are changing jobs more frequently than ever before. There is a shortage of qualified workers and yet unemployment remains at unacceptably high levels. Improvements in efficiency and productivity within all industries have reduced the number of employees needed to meet customer demands, yet employers are struggling to find employees ready and able to work for the pay and benefits they can afford to offer.

The people who are talented are already employed and many prospecting employers are actively recruiting them to switch jobs.

You need to not only attract but retain the best employees to win the talent race. Pay, however, is only one factor when trying to attract or retain talent, and not, according to most studies, even the most important consideration.

One person may want more empowerment, while another simply wants a steady paycheck or more opportunities for growth, a third person may simply need to be listened to, a fourth may want recognition. These differing goals may require different actions to keep a person "engaged".

Now you can measure intrinsic behavioral factors that drive individual engagement– employee motivators and attitudes! These can be utilized to not only attract but retain the competent worker:

  • Identify gaps between employee expectations and motivators
  • Facilitate the essential dialogue between employee and manager
  • Foster a shared responsibility for engagement
  • Create a culture of engagement

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions can help you increase attract, develop and keep the best employees. The psychological assessment uses a smart digital on line questionnaire to powerfully predict the most suitable candidates and more importantly, help you determine the motivators that will attract the to come to work for your firm.


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