The Missing Ingredient in Your Team

The Missing Ingredient in Your Team

You’ve assembled what you think is a Cracker Jack team for your new project. And yet, there is something wrong. Something is not quite clicking, and the team is stuck. Perhaps there is a divisive conflict, or worse, apathy.

I’m a fan of team hero movies, and I enjoy cooking. How do these relate to your team problem? In the hero movies, there is always that one member who, because they joined the team, enables the team to successfully fight the enemy.

Likewise, in cooking, there is often that one ingredient (such as baking soda in cookies) that, when forgotten, the dish flops.

How do you identify which current team member just needs a little development to take the team to success? How do you identify the new member of the team whose addition will save the day, or make the cookie “rise?”

The Harrison Assessment has a team report that can help.

The Harrison Assessment Team Paradox Report helps managers build stronger teams by establishing clear team values for effective interactions, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the team members in an effort to maximize team efficiencies, and pinpointing weak areas within the team that will need additional support.

Diversity is strength; however, managing diversity in itself is challenging — Different strokes for different folks. How can the Team Leader know who needs more recognition, who prefers to be the quiet achiever, who is the better organizer, or who is the brainiest of them all who loves solving problems?

How do you build a team that has a diverse range of strengths that complements each other?

HA Team Paradox gives you a snapshot of where the strengths of the team lie, and where they can be further enhanced. Start developing performance, work satisfaction, and team effectiveness, and hone your competitive edge with Harrison Assessments Employee Development Solutions.

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