Quit without Quitting?

Quit without Quitting?

You show up to work every day, sit at your desk, and start working. But are you really THERE? Are you engaged? And what about everybody else in your company? We can measure the action of “butt in seat,” but do we think about engagement? Are there people you work with who have quit the job but are still showing up just to occupy their seat? Who quit without quitting?

Culture and Accountability seem to be the latest buzz words in the seminar and leadership circuit. But what about ENGAGEMENT? You can set up a culture of benchmarking, measurement, openness, whatever your company decides is important, but if you don’t get engagement, you will still have stagnancy.

Organizations are continually challenged to identify ways to increase employee engagement. While changes in benefits, rewards, and compensation are often considered the best solution, engagement results seldom reflect significant improvement. Thus, the problem persists and organizations are not achieving their potential for enhanced engagement.

So how does a company drive participation? Harrison Assessments International (HAI) has identified intrinsic behavioral factors that drive individual engagement - employee motivators and attitudes!

  • Identify gaps between employee expectations and motivators
  • Facilitate the essential dialogue between employee and manager
  • Foster a shared responsibility for engagement
  • Create a culture of engagement

You can take the next step in engagement initiatives. Align employee intrinsic factors with organizational extrinsic factors to maximize engagement. Get your people to quit quitting and get back to productive, engaged work. Harrison Assessments International can help you begin the process.

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