How Long Will You Stay Lost without Consulting a Map?

How Long Will You Stay Lost without Consulting a Map?

There are over 6500 job descriptions listed at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s quite a forest to wander through when trying to answer the age old question of, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

It used to be that we chose a career based upon our experiences of family and friends. Then radio and T.V. broadened our perspective. With the advent of the digital age a lot more careers and occupations are identified. There simply are more trees growing in the forest!

The problem of where to go is amplified by the increasing career choices. So how long are you going to walk through the forest without consulting a map?

The Harrison Assessment takes typically less than 30 minutes, is available online, and can get you a report of what career you will most likely be successful and HAPPY in.

It utilizes Enjoyment-Performance theory as well as Paradox Theory to gain a deep psychological understanding of what types of task you will be successful performing, what types of tasks you will be suitable to performing and matches them to what types of careers these strengths will help you be happy with.

HA provides a path to walk through the forest. You still have to take the steps. The Harrison Assessment can give you a report examining your greatest strengths. It can also give you a report of what careers you will be successful in and break down what levels of education each of these careers typically requires.

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