DESP... Pick the Right Employee

DESP... Pick the Right Employee

Many organizations use various tools and techniques for identifying their talent pipeline. Some use a "nomination approach," while others use traditional tools such as a performance and potential matrix, a tool used by managers to identify high-performing individuals who are potential promotion candidates, creating lists of probable candidates.

DESP: A New Approach to Traditional Succession Planning Models

We suggest that a more comprehensive and objective approach with four key components, or "pillars," will provide the rigor and discipline to produce a solid and fluid pipeline of talent. The "four pillars" are the critical components to be considered with any strategy.

Each has its own set of contributing factors, and collectively they produce a solid foundation for execution. We refer to this as the "DESP" model.

The Four Pillars of DESP

DESP... Pick the Right Employee

D: When evaluating talent there are many fundamental "Decisions" that must be made
E: For each employee, "Eligibility" for a job must be addressed
S: For each employee, "Suitability" for the job needs to be considered
P: For each employee, "Performance" level must be accounted for

These factors, combined with clearly defined career options, provide a framework for employees to have visibility to their long-term opportunities while providing HR and stakeholders a solid basis for planning and assessment of pipeline strengths or gaps.

Taken collectively, the four pillars provide the essential elements to create a visible, measurable talent pipeline. The first pillar provides the solid foundation for execution and the other three can be automated and driven by currently available technology solutions. If you find yourself in a reactive mode or struggling to find an effective sustaining strategy, we encourage you to investigate and adopt a process that accounts for these four critical elements.

There are available technology solutions that enable and integrate these capabilities, providing you with a mechanism to effectively manage and measure your talent pool with minimal administrative time.

The Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions are an affordable tool that recognize and relate to the four pillars of DESP and can effectively help you develop a succession plan that works.

The Harrison Assessments Talent System® helps organizations worldwide hire, develop, promote, and retain top talent. The system's unique, fully customizable job analysis and integrated assessment technologies ensure optimum job fit and predict job success. Harrison Assessments effectively address and automate selection, development, career planning, and succession needs to manage talent from front-line to executive levels.

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