Battle Plan for Attracting Gen X and Gen Y Candidates

Battle Plan for Attracting Gen X and Gen Y Candidates

Do You have a battle plan for attracting Gen X and Gen Y candidates for employment?

Companies today are constantly in a war for talent. Identifying the right targets and having the ability to capture them is essential to winning. We are looking for the innovative leaders of tomorrow, and the competition is stiff.

Every business leader knows that their growth potential and pathway to organizational greatness is only limited by its ability to attract the right people. Hence, it is imperative for hiring managers and recruiters to fully understand what truly appeals to the candidates.

Only by appreciating the person’s personal values and life themes, hiring managers will understand how to “sell” the job to the candidate. Many times, the hiring manager or recruiter only talks about what the job requirements are and what the expectations are, but neglects to show a genuine interest about what the candidate finds appealing. In other words, finding ways to pluck the candidate’s heart strings to create that desired emotional resonance.

An organization needs to recognize which phase of the business life cycle it is in when it attracts and hires the best talent money can buy. If the context and readiness of the organization do not match the expectations of the talent, this could lead to many issues that may eventually result in a wrong match. Hence, relevance of the context and timing must not be taken too lightly. You are tasked with hiring the right person for the right job in the right company (team or manager) at the right time for the right reason.

Using proven assessment reports that are work based and focuses on individual work preferences, passion, expectations, interests and designed for organizational applications (not clinical) can accurately and reliably uncover hidden potential, concerns and behavioral aspects which may not be immediately apparent in an interview. Such invaluable insights will allow the interviewer to do a much better job and highlighting the necessary concerns to achieve better clarity in the given circumstances.

Generation X and Y employees have different needs and expectations from employers than Millennials and Baby Boomers. It is important to consider their expectations, especially career stability (gen X) vs career excitement (gen Y) and growth opportunities (gen Y). With a simple 30 minute questionnaire, Harrison Assessments can help identify these desires and help your organization win the battle for the best suited candidates.

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