Communication Problem
"According to a recent Harris Poll ... a stunning majority (69%) of the managers said that they're often ... read more
Innovation, Innovation, Innovation. It is hard to read a newspaper or business journal without finding an article on ... read more
Behavioral Assessments Need to Be Job Specific
Job specific assessments are more accurate and more fair. They identify and develop those people who are most .. read more
HIgh POtential candidate - HIPO
No, I do not have a typo. I am not talking about those big somewhat lovable yet dangerous ... read more
What do you like to do?
Wouldn't "What do you like to do?" be a great question for you the job applicant to hear from ... read more
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater
Sam works in accounting. He has pretty good business sense and is very good with numbers. However, every ... read more
Bad Egg - Humpty Dumpty
You have that employee that doesn't quite fit or is not quite up to performance standards. Some refer ... read more
Amazing Job Race
Too bad you don't have sixteen weeks of challenges, obstacle courses and road blocks to find the winning ... read more
Happy Face - Always Right
Do you have that "always right" never in doubt employee in your organization? We've all seen them, some ... read more
NFL Predictions
I like professional American football. I enjoy watching the games and learning a little about the players and ... read more
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
It's been a long time since I took a Psych class. I know there is a lot of ... read more
Job Suitability Assessments
There are bunches of assessments available today. Finding and developing that diamond in the rough employee has become ... read more

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